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Lead & Earn Your Creativity Globally

$25,000 Ideas Needed!!

From everyone and everywhere!!

Application closed November 30th , 2020

Our approach – We invest, train, motivated and inspired entrepreneurs, skilled mentors and volunteers ages 18-40 years, as they invest in 8-18 years old youth.

When - Every January, 200 people with creative ideas are selected to participate in gaining mentoring, coaching, finance to get them closer to realizing their ideas.

Who - Effective September 1st to November 30th, applications are open for everyone around the world to submit their world changing ideas.

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Parent & Child | Individuals 18-30 years old | Individuals 30-40 years old | Community Partners  | Donor

How - Individuals pitch ideas in December and on January we select final 200 ideas to convene globally and earn up to three months mentoring, coaching, $25,000 dollars to continue working towards their mission and share their experiences.

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Women On Change

Leading with global vision for every girl

Women on Change (WoC) 501(C)(3) Partners to empower parents and children, individuals up to 40 years old to thrive, by investing in their creative entrepreneurship endeavors.

Envision resilient communities that eradicate the cycle of challenges through continuous learning.

Mission | A resource partner for untapped creativity.

Values | Teamwork | Resiliency | Leadership | Growth


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