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Why Democratic Pro-Choice Women shouldn’t vote for Obama in 2012.

Reprinted with permission from Justify My Vote blog

I’m willing to put up with a lot from a man, really.  I’m willing sacrifice for common good.  I’m willing to turn a blind eye and look at the bigger picture.   But at a certain point [why is there always that ‘certain point”?], there comes a time when I have to say “Enough is enough!”

When I’m done, I’m done.

After the latest broken promise with regards to the FDA’s OTC Emergency Contraception policy, I have reached that point with President Obama and his administration.  I don’t believe for a second that Secretary Sebilius acted on her own and in contradiction with the President.  This was an inside job.

Of course, I fully understand the argument that not voting for Obama paves the way for a Republican president and THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH WORSE.  But, really, would it?  What is the difference between a disingenuous Democratic president who caves to the Republicans every time it really matters or a Republican who we already know wants to take away our reproductive rights?  Would you rather have your heart broken by the man you foolishly pinned all your hopes and dreams on, or will you go toe-to-toe and fight with the declared enemy?

In other words:  Are you a real woman or are you a foolish girl?  Have you been allowing yourself to believe in empty promises and trying your best to be “understanding”?  How many times does he have to break his promises before you finally understand, he’s not on our side.

Let’s review, shall we?

Now, I’m certainly not advocating for a Republican president, but at least it’s the enemy we know and we can fight, even if Obama won’t.

We’d be better off electing strong majorities in both Chambers to hold the Republican president [whichever party he may come from] accountable.  A majority of Pro-choice Democratic Members of Congress would have the power to move legislation.  We need to elect more pro-choice women who have backbone [Secretary Sebilius, call your office!] and a willingness to get in there and fight for our rights.


  • Val Demings. She is running against a Republican in Florida’s 8th District.  Val is the first woman to serve as Chief of the Orlando Police Dept.  Not too shabby.  Val is a pro-choice Democrat who clearly is not afraid to take on the old boys club.  Here’s what she thinks about Women’s Issues: “I will never let Washington politicians legislate personal decisions that belong to women and their doctors. I will work in Washington to expand paid Family and Medical leave, and work toward pay equity so women earn equal pay for equal work.”
  • Lois Frankel has been serving the people of Florida for over twenty years — first, in the State legislature, then as Mayor of West Palm Beach.  She’s got years of experience in successfully dealing with the powerful and corrupt Florida Republican machine and is certainly not afraid to stand up to them.  Fittingly, she is now taking on the right-wing radical, Allen West, in Florida’s 22nd district.
  •  Shelley Berkley has been fighting for women’s rights in the House since 1998, and isn the first woman to represent her district in Congress.  She’s running for Senate now, to fill the seat vacated by the Disgraced Republican, John Ensign.  She knows how to stand up to the network of Republicans who want to take away a women’s reproductive health care.

Both Women’s Campaign Forum and Emily’s List have endorsed pro-choice Democratic candidates who have what it takes to fight for issues that affect women and to stand up to those who want to take away our choices rights.  Visit their respective sites and support who you can, in any way you can.

President Obama has made it crystal clear that we cannot count on him or his administration when it comes to protecting women’s health.

A friend once told me, “It’s all a matter of how much you’re willing to put up with”.  Well, I’ve had enough.  It’s time we gave up this Prince Charming/rescue fantasy.

We need to get back to work in the business of reality.  We need to elect a Congress that can hold Prince Charming’s feet to the fire by electing real pro-choice Democratic women with backbone and a willingness to stand up to Republicans, and small “d” democrats.


Women On Change (WOC) provides a voice to all women who wish to voice their opinion about political and business issues affecting women.  This article has been posted by Jodi Ochstein who is a guest blogger and previously served as WOC’s social media consultant. Jodi has over ten years of experience managing and coordinating high level client interaction and communication with diplomatic officials, Members of Congress, and the Administration.  At the beginning of 2010, Jodi branched out on her own to develop social media strategies for non-profit organizations and small businesses by offering services such as SEO marketing, SEO blogging, SEO press release writing, SEO articles, and strategic social media management. Find her on

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