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Volunteers are the reasons we can do our work. You are the heart of WoC. If you are in high school, college or a professional, you have what it takes to motivate, inspire and power the next generation of girls by become a volunteer for a week, month or year!

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Did you know, half of all mental health disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated. Now you know, let's change it.

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The most powerful tool you have at your disposal to save a life is your voice. Use it today for equality in #STEMeducation for girls.

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It takes zero dollars to change the life of a child in poverty. It takes a village to keep a child hopeful to eradicate poverty. Give hope by being present in a child's life. Tweet #WoCinspirevolunteer and recruit volunteers!




Ms. Lexima aims to make WoC the platform for every dedicated young females to achieve their full potential through responsibility leadership and opportunities by champion for change and access to resources at all levels.  She uses her voice across platforms, decade plus career in STEM, consulting, political organizing and advocacy to support a gender just world for girls in poverty globally.  Ms. Lexima is a White House Fellow Regional finalist, Cross Sector leadership Fellow – Presidio Institute, earns degrees from University of Illinois Chicago & The American University.


Vice President

Mr. Tan has been engaged in the early formation of Women on Change, as the chief information technology. He is the architect of the cyber safety, security program that keeps girls safe online. He brings to the board his technical and business mind to impact girls thrive. He is the president of BTan Consulting, graduated from Radford University with both bachelor and master degrees. He is a dedicated father and husband.



Mrs.  Archambault HeIke will be supporting WoC’s mission to serve girls in mentoring and championing for STEM programs. Sheila is national security professional working in Washington, D.C. for the federal government. She enjoys mentoring, learning computer programming, volunteering with the Junior League of Washington and National Museum of Women in the Arts. Sheila graduated with an M.A. in international affairs from the Catholic University of America and a B.A. in International Studies with a focus on the Middle East from the University of St. Thomas. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Ricky, and dog, McGruff.


Treasurer (Acting)

Ms. Wembey is a versatile and experienced Healthcare professional with over 10 years of programmatic and conceptual support to various accounts in the private sector and for the government, both in the United States and abroad. As a fervent Feminist and a Humanist, she intends to put her talents to the Service of Women On Change and work tirelessly to bring STEM resources to students nationwide and empower our youth. She is a proud wife and mother of 3 children.


Communications & Public Relations Officer

Mr. GOUAHINGA a longtime champion for women and girls equity and early supporter of WoC. He will support WoC’s national mission to empower  the next generation of change agents through partnership and strategically communicating the organization’s mission. Mr. Gouahinga specializes on the nexus between strategic communications and public policy outcomes. A Maryland resident, who brings a wealth of practical experience to the board.  Mr. Gouahinga graduated from American University, a proud husband and father to 3 children.


Development Officer

Leads the WoC’s training for mentors and raising funds to support our mission. She works full time as a Senior Software Engineering Manager for Rockwell Collins, leading a flight simulation software team.  She was a Girl Scout leader for 6 years and now volunteers as a community service coordinator for another troop. Jennifer also serves as hiking coordinator for a local Cub Scout Pack and Treasurer for a local middle school. Her mix of professional and volunteer experience exemplifies her passion for encouraging girls to take interest in STEM. She holds a Bachelor's in Computer and Information Science from University of Maryland University College, a Master of Science from Catholic University of America, and an MBA with a focus on Information Security from James Madison University.  She is a married mother of two children, who enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.


Programs & Partnerships Officer

Ms. Tu-Anh Pham, is a Quality and Food Safety Manager for the North America Division at Gategroup, overseeing the compliance systems and process of 40 facilities across the US and Canada. She was a Regulatory and Labeling Specialist at Mediast, Inc., and Senior Consultant, Prime Label Consultants, Inc. She is a native Washingtonian, who will work on behalf of girls that WoC aimed to impact nationally. Ms. Pham resides in Reston, Virginia. She graduated with Bachelor’s of Science and MBA from University of Maryland University College.

Former Volunteers

Bryian, Tan, MBA, CISSP

Chief Technology Officer

George Yeboah, MBA


Wesley Alexander, MBA, Esq.

Legal advisor

Natasha Bonhomme, BA


Tamarah Teixeira, MA, NCC, LCPC

Bully prevention & donor outreach

Jacqueline Velez, MSW

Programs outreach

Evanise Lexima, BS

Community & program design

Vanessa St. Genard, BA

Content editor