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Committed to reaching 1 million youth by 2030.

$10 of $30,000 raised

Lead & Earn (L&E)

Thriving Parents, Happy Children, Safer World

Why Lead Globally?  Shouldn't your child's foundation be stronger than the one your parent/s gave you?

Maternal Lifetime Traumaparentification and patterns, self-awarenesseconomic and socially safety, self-actualization.


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  • Cultivate an understanding of self-awareness to create what drives you
  • Foster problem solving early to lead
  • Develop science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fluency
  • Develop and grow entrepreneurial mindset
  • Exploit untapped creativity to address unique challenges with evolving tools
  • Build community resiliency & global leadership

$10 of $20,000 raised

STEM Global

Lead & Learn STEM in Your Language

Mentor the youth virtually via Facebook, YouTube and google classroom in Every language,  by submitting your video STEM project once a week or once a month. Email videos to woc@womenonchange.org. Sign up for mentoring here. https://womenonchange.org/projects/ | Join our STEM Global Facebook page

When you donate to this project, we assist the youth gain internet access in their communities around the world to participate in WoC mentoring.


1 Million Girls in 2 Continents



The illiteracy rate for young women under the age of 24 is above #123million. To tackle this problem, we listen, assess for long-term solutions to educational barriers, partner locally, mobilize globally, convene, deliver by applying 21st century resources.

Health & Safety

We engage globally for sustainable clean environment, access, to ensure girls can obtain economic security through basic fair education and networks.  We do so by assess gender health, cultural, social barriers, and mobilize locally to empower and apply global, and local support for sustainable outcomes.

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