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We are seeking #200mentors,  #10STEM program sponsors, and #50 donors to support 400 girls with STEM resources to raise economic independence. We can only get there with your support!

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2030 Goal

#65million girls do not attend schools, #75million cannot read and write, which attributed to 70% of women living in poverty globally. WoC seeks to connect 300,000 girls with STEM resources, mentors by seeking #1voice for very girl living in poverty, sharing their stories, connect them to mentors, qualified teachers to change their lives with education. Will you support us?


Ten African Countries

We have partnered with local organizations assisting homeless, out of school girls ages 6 & 16 years old to ensure they obtain adequate resources to thrive. WoC is dedicated to support 300,000 girls by 2025 in ten Africa countries by leveraging voices for fair education. We need your support to make it happen, will you join us?


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Half of all mental health disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated. These children are on the streets or institutions where they feel hopeless. Part of what attributes to this global issues is 65 percent of 7th-12th graders experience sexual harassment that occur in their environment. We partner with organizations, individuals to support children safety, build healthy minds as they learn. Put your voice to use by promoting #stressfreeminds for #STEMGirls.



Global Voices

Did you know #121millionchildren are out of school globally and the number keeps increasing? Four in 10 #GirlsinAmerica are living below the poverty line, all it takes to change these statistics is having someone talking and acting, #WoC is recruiting voices and hands to speak and change lives, by being present in their environment as a mentor to close the divide. Become a mentor and inspire, or pay for someone to be an inspire to a child in your community and share your story. Will you sponsor a mentor for a child?


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1 Million Girls in 2 Continents




The illiteracy rate for young women under the age of 24 is above #123million. To tackle this problem, we listen, assess for long-term solutions to educational barriers, partner locally, mobilize globally, convene, deliver by applying 21st century resources.

Health & Safety

We engage globally for sustainable clean environment, access, to ensure girls can obtain economic security through basic fair education and networks.  We do so by assess gender health, cultural, social barriers, and mobilize locally to empower and apply global, and local support for sustainable outcomes.

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